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Practice of Self-Healing

By Anonymous

There’s this little thing I do that keeps me centered, calm, cool and collected. Everyday I devote time to this practice, from a few minutes to a few hours. I like to refer to it as a practice of self-healing of inner discovery, and growth. The way I see it is that life is going to force us to grow, and generally its through suffering.

Suffering is an interesting idea that Yoga practice can let us explore. We have become so complacent in our lives, mentally and physically we have given up the fight to grow in a direction the spirit wants us to. The path is often not linear, and without a tangible reward.

When I roll my mat out I immediately become humble by what is before me, it’s a journey without an end. That alone allows me to be receptive; it’s a complete change from what most of us do all day. Yogis’ use this technique called pratayahara meaning sense withdraws. Yes, on purpose we have selective hearing. Not only that, but also selective eyesight, attention, and awareness. Through going deep within, and filling up we become better at all of the roles we assume in life. Parent, spouse, friend, activist, and teacher…we become more balanced and powerful allowing ourselves to care for others, and make positive changes.

Through basic poses I learn to be still, and endure discomfort while experiencing peace. In challenging poses I learn to be brave, and have determination. These are the same qualities that take us through life with ease. It’s wonderful to be able to learn them in a supportive environment with a knowledgeable teacher. Everyday in some way I take time to connect with the part of me that is timeless, unseen, and similar to all others. I take time to disassociate with the media, the physical form, from anything limiting or negative.

The work is not to become something, but to let go of all the things that do not belong. Weakness, sadness, pain, suffering, anxiety, these things are not our true nature. If we strengthen the body, deepen the breath, and still the mind we become a reflection of our true nature. Love, strength, peace.

Sat Nam

thou art that,

Dawn Yager

Swami Ambikanada

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