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Mindfulness-Based Embodiment Training

Mindfulness-Based Embodiment (MBE) Introductory Training Workshop

Training for Therapists working with the Eating Disorder population.

This is an introductory workshop to MBE, an embodied intervention for psychotherapists who work with the eating disorder population.

In this 3hour workshop you will:

-Understand the importance of the integration of the body in treatment, both individually and in groups.

-Understand embodiment and why it is useful in the eating disorder population.

-Be introduced to all four foundations of mindfulness-based embodiment (MBE).

-Experience all four foundations of embodied mindfulness and understand the importance of a personal practice.

-Understand MBE’s use and benefits.     

-Understand to incorporate embodiment into therapeutic practice.

Call Ann at 518 894-8344 for more details

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