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Your Sanctuary

By Susan Kulka


Suz Grants Farm-1For many years I have heard about having your own personal space for winding down, reflection, and reading or praying, – your sanctuary. This idea stayed on the back burner as I go on retreats, visit the adoration chapel in my parish church and have many places I visit to unwind and to reflect. Then this past Spring, when I was recovering from an energy zapping illness, I found I did not have the drive to run around like I usually do, nor the intent to escape to my familiar outlets, so as I was gardening one day in my yard, when all of a sudden the sky changed, it went to a deep saturated hue of blue and it looked like it was going to rain. The wind kicked up and there was that strong breeze in the air that makes you look up, you know something is coming. I felt like I was one with nature in those moments, and I felt like I was wrapped up and held by the wind. Oh, I love the feeling of an impending storm! Its a waiting and anticipation feeling, and it is so inviting! I plunked myself down under the tree we have in our front yard, and let the sensations embrace me. I realized I was feeling much the same as when I sit in adoration or meditative prayer, and I am taken out of the everydayness and experience or feel things with new eyes – everything just looks richer and I feel a “Hum” or “ahhhh!” inside. Like one of those epiphany moments when everything is crystalline clear, I knew I had just landed on my own sanctuary place of peace. Wow! right in my front yard!

God always provides! I now have an Adirondack chair placed under the tree, right in my front yard, facing the garden I tend and surrounded by the birdhouses I placed in the tree and on my porch, and I feel peace and surrounded by love and awe, and quiet. What a treasure, my own sanctuary – there is no place like home! God is good!

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