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Yoga Therapy

By Ann Saffi Biasetti

Yoga and yoga therapy is one way to be embodied and experience embodiment-the lived experience.

“Words cannot convey the value of yoga. It has to be experienced.” B.K.S. Iyengar

Yoga bridges the gap between body and mind. Yoga therapy is an experiential approach towards mind/body integration, healing, health and wellness.

In traditional psychotherapy we speak of working through and gaining insight into our “issues.” In yoga therapy we work deeply into what we call¬†samskaras, the areas in the body where our issues reside. We use the body as the tool for self-discovery, insight and change. Experiences in life become mainifest in the body. Your life is unfolding in your body but you usually don’t get to listen to it. Yoga Therapy offers the opportunity to listen to the body for information about your life.

Studies in mental health and the medicine have proven that long after an emotional trauma and even after the memories have faded, the body still responds as if the trauma were a current event. Traumatic events leave an imprint in our sensory and hormonal systems. Therefore, long after the event, there still may be bodily sensations, reactions, and feelings that continue to occur, causing everything from worry, anxiety, fear, and panic attacks, to states of depression. We are now discovering that to have an effect on this visceral response we must work to integrate the body and the mind. In yoga therapy sessions we work deeply into release while at the same time creating a sense of safety, thereby re-claiming the body as a safe place to be.

Ann Saffi Biasetti is a certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy practitioner trained in advanced restorative yoga therapeutics. She specializes in eating disorders, trauma/PTSD,  and grief/loss.

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