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Transpersonal Musings
  • Synchronicity as Psychospiritual Practice By Amber R. Balk, Ph.D. This is my first piece for Transpersonal Living. Having spent the past 15 years writing within academic contexts, this opportunity brings a profound sense of freedom. I have long been fighting for the right to express my voice in my own original way. Here is another moment to seize it! Surprisingly, I find myself pausing to call upon courage. It’s like stepping out naked onto a stage. The best I can do is set the intention that whatever written contributions I ...
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Community Journal
  • Halfway to Wholeness By Matthew Mathis Four years ago, after getting up and doing kundalini yoga every single morning from 4:30am to 7am for exactly a year and a half, I discovered a truer meaning of yoga by suddenly stopping. At the soon-to-be-opened Nike store downtown. By working three 14 hour days in a row. Short story: In early 2010, I’d found myself in very close proximity to a yoga studio and then found myself grieving for my mother who had just passed away (, and I started doing kundalini ...
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Training Workshops & Groups
  • With and Without: Mindful Photo Reflection Group With and Without: Mindful Photo Reflection Group  By Jessica Thomas, PhD The practice of mindful photography, as introduced by Jessica Thomas,PhD engages the outside world, while cultivating deeper awareness of your inner world, and learning how these two worlds integrate and create meaning. Jessica is presenting a new 4-week introductory series based on her own research. Over the course of the series you will learn the practice of mindful photography, and have an opportunity  share your life journey and express yourself creatively.  You will need to bring your ...
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